Where To Begin
Planning Your Trip

Kake is located on Kupreanof Island just north of Petersburg, in the
southeast panhandle of Alaska.  Access to the island is available two primary
ways:  Harris Air bush flight plane or by boat.  

Summer trips fill quickly so
reserve your space early.

Alaska Airlines is the only major flight service that offers domestic flights
between the continental U.S. and southeast Alaska.  Alaska Airlines has
major hubs in Orlando, FL , Washington D.C., Chicago, IL, and New York,NY
to name a few.  

Sea Taxi Services
At Gallant Adventures we offer not only our expert tours, but we also offer
water taxi services.  If you are in Sitka or Kake and planning a trip that
requires a water taxi, we will be glad to help you.  We shuttle guests to
remote locations so that the real adventure can start in places where you
cannot drive to. Our boat offers plenty of room for excessive gear and a dry
cabin to keep you toasty warm until you arrive at your destination.  Schedule
a pick up and we will be there to help you return after your excursion.  Call
Paul Davis directly at 907.738.2855 for prices and details.

Sitka Trip Option
If you choose to fly into Sitka, you will need to make arrangements with Harris
Air flight service to purchase a round trip ticket booked on the appropriate
flights.  Harris Air is a very realiable service and they get many people in and
out of Sitka daily.  They are located in the red building directly next to the
airport's single terminal - a 30 second walk across the 30 car parking lot.  
Harris Air at (907)966-3050 or visit their website:

Upon flying into Kake, we will pick you up at the Kake airport directly and
after touring the Tlingit village, we will help you board the awaiting Gallant
Girl.  At the conclusion of your exciting trip, we will escort you to the Kake
Airport where Harris Air will fly you back to Sitka.  

Petersburg Trip Option
If you choose to fly into Petersburg, we will meet you at the Petersburg
Harbor.  After you arrive on your flight, the local taxi service (907)772-2700
will take you to the harbor where a comfortable and relaxing boat will be
waiting to welcome you.  Petersburg is small community but the airport is
located about 5 miles out of town.