This tour travels through some of the most diverse and spectacular areas in
all of Alaska.  In our free time, Gallant Adventures chooses to frequent this
area more than any other.  One would be hard pressed to find a more
spectacular area than the intricate glacier carved bays and jaw dropping
mountains that make up Eastern Baranof Island.  Add the unique Warm
Springs to this and you’ll quickly understand why this is our favorite place to
play.  On this package you will be able to choose several activities from
hiking, kayaking, whale watching, fishing and, of course, mountain climbing.  
The mountains of Baranof Island offer some of the best mountaineering in
the world.  Climbers of all levels can find challenges here.  From moderate
mountains where easy scrambling gets you on a summit to gnarly peaks with
steep snow, ice and rock.  Other bays have some extreme peaks and
massifs with Yosemite like rock quality and scale.  Remember, this is your
vacation and we’re flexible with doing what you want.   

Daily Itinerary  

This tour offers amazing access to some of the World’s most spectacular
glaciers and scenery.  The trip starts from the quaint little Norwegian fishing
town of Petersburg and then heads north up Frederick Sound and into
Stephens Passage.  This route goes through some of the best Humpback
Whale viewing locations in all of Alaska.  Have your cameras ready, it’s
common to see humpback whales breach the surface and even bubble-net
feed.  For the highlight of this package, you’ll have the chance to see, first-
hand and up close, huge tidewater glaciers and have opportunities to kayak
and hike in areas with top notch scenery and wildlife.  Also, never rule out
the possibility of catching salmon, halibut and crab.   

Daily Itinerary  
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Traveling to Alaska
The thought of traveling to Alaska may seem a daunting task at first, but
really, it is very easy.  

Alaska Airlines offers daily flight connections between numerous cities in the
continental U.S. and to both Sitka or Petersburg, Alaska.  Visit
Alaska Air to
get current reservations and prices.  Remember, we make these travel
arrangements often and will be more than happy to help you in any way

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