Climbing Peaks
Paul Davis - Owner
If climbing mountains and serious hiking is on your agenda, we got you covered.  Gallant
Adventures can help you decide which routes to take and get you back to many of the
unknown, unclimbed peaks in the area.  
Mt. Drum
18,000 ft Denali
Climbing a
The typical terrain found on Baranof Island.  Awesome
granite, great ice, styrofoam snow and amazing views
looking up, down and all around. Let us take you to see
some of the best untouched mountains and lines in the
World. That's not exaggerating. Seriously. Ask me.
Imagine being in Seattle (SEA-TAC) Airport
on a Friday afternoon and hustling to catch
the evening flight to Sitka, AK on Alaska
Airlines...You caught the flight...breathe
easy...The view out the 727-200 window is
gorgeous in the fading light...I pick your party  
up at the airport and take you back to the
Gallant Girl, our  floating pad...I fire up early
and get rolling because daylight's burning
and there is wilderness to explore out
there...We arrive in the remote bay that's
towered over by the mountain of your
dreams...journeys...serious journeys...Ahhhh,
back at the Gallant Girl!