Client Photos
Sea otter in Sitka Alaska
puffin on Sitka shore excursion
Here are a some photos taken on our Sitka marine wildlife
tour that clients have shared with us.  Try and imagine
yourself in position to take these photos, just like they did!  
These are actual client photos, by regular people, and we
ask that you do not duplicate the pictures per their
request.  Thank you!
Client Photos - Sitka Shore Excursions
"We had a great time with you in Sitka - a highlight of
our trip - and the sunniest day!"
                               -Carole Fitzpatrick    
Courtesy of Matt Brown
eagles in Sitka
Courtesy of Casey Chinn
Courtesy of Levi
Whale tour sitka Alaska
Sitka whale tour
whale splash
Sitka marine wildlife tour
sitka whale boat tour
"We had a great time and hope you are closing out
the season with ease.."
-Best...Linda Macaione, Chatham, NY
Paul and Emily,

Thank you so much for making my trip to Alaska
so fun and memorable. My sister and I really
enjoyed the private boat tour; seeing the brown
bear and her cubs was an awesome experience. I
entered a photo of the bears in a contest on the
cruise we were on. If and when I go back to
Alaska I will be sure to come on another
adventure with you, as well as I will recommend
you to any travelers I know. Thanks for such a
great sail it is one of my fondest memories in life!

Gina Maglieri
Courtesy of Levi
"Thanks again for a great tour.
We'll look you up next time we come, possibly in
about 3 years."

Murray and Monika Dunphy
Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Courtesy of Barbara Hartl
Courtesy of Martha Thomas
Courtesy of Mathew Ye - Maryland
bear wildlife marine tour
Courtesy of Travis Zagar
Courtesy of Ty, Gloria & Amanda
puffin on sitka wildlife tour
Courtesy of Travis Zagar
Courtesy of Deb Cosper
eagle head in Sitka
Courtesy of Barbara Hartl
Courtesy of Ted Toop
grey whale in Sitka
This is a photo of a Grey Whale under water
taken by Martha Thomas
Courtesy of Casey Chinn
Courtesy of Barbara Hartl
otters on Sitka boat tour
Courtesy of Casey Chinn
Stellar sea lions in Sitka Alaska
Courtesy of Ian Cowling
Courtesy of Casey Chinn
Bald Eagle leaving its
nest  by Tedd Toop
Paul Davis and Sabin Venable
Courtesy of Travis Zagar
Courtesy of Bud Suiter
Courtesy of Frank Donck
Courtesy of Danielle Williams
Courtesy of Barbara Hartl
Courtesy of Barbara Hartl
Courtesy of Deb Cosper
Sea Otter pup on mother's belly.  By Casey Chinn
Courtesy of Frank Donck
Courtesy of Frank Donck
Courtesy of Ted Toop
Courtesy of Barbara Hartl
Big Splash from a
breaching Humpback!
By Jason Claeys
Courtesy of Martha Thomas
It's a rare site to view a
sea otter on land, let
alone photograph it!
Photo by Travis Zagar
Sea Otter's wrapped in kelp.  
Photo by Deb Cosper
Look at the eye on
this guy!  Good
photo, Bud!!
Hey Paul! Here's some
pics of some of the
wonderful things we tell
you how much we've
enjoyed remembering
your boat! Thank you for
all you showed us.
All the best to you
Deb, James and Temple
Courtesy of Deb Kadaner
Deb took this AWESOME photo of this
Humpback lunge feeding in 2010. She was
pleasantly surprised to see how well this
learning her new camera. In this photo, you
can see the baleen filter and pink pallet in
this big creature's mouth! Deb, you ROCK!
Great job "learning" your new camera!
Courtesy of the Stock Family
Courtesy of John Warzynski
Courtesy of John Warzynski
Courtesy of John Warzynski
Courtesy of John Warzynski
Courtesy of Gadi Bashvitz
Hey, Gadi...Did this guy get
named Wilbur??
Courtesy of the Stock Family
Courtesy the  Stock Family
Listen carefully...shhhhhhh...Can you
hear him snoring??? Also note the
toe nails.
Courtesy of the Stock Family
Courtesy of the Stock Family (Chris, Heather, Emma, Anna
& Sophia). Tooting my own horn here...the Stock Girls said
my trip with their family was their "most favorite excursion
of all" while in Alaska.  Thank you, Girls!!
Courtesy of the Stock Family
Courtesy of the Stock Family
Courtesy of the Stock Family
Courtesy of the Kerry Family
The Kerry Boys from Florida.
These boys are super cool
and were down for any kind of
adventures and liked learning
about what we saw. I really
enjoyed spending time with
their family and we saw some
good stuff on a sunny day!
Courtesy of the Kerry Family
Courtesy of the Kerry Family
I've commercial
fished in Alaska all
my adult life, and I
always choose
Gallant Adventures
for a guaranteed
good time."
-Sam Venable
Featured on the
World's Deadliest
Catch" & 2013's  
Superman: Man of
Steel's crab fishing
Photo courtesy of Raquel Cuba
Mother and Pup sea otter photo taken by Judy Beller
Courtesy of Ian Cowling
Courtesy of Raquel Cuba
raft of sea otters on whale tour
Sea otter raft - Photo by Judy Beller
Sea Lion on Sitka boat tour
Stellar sea lion - Photo by Ian Cowling
Another great day with Peter, A.J., & Clara!
Courtesy of Marcia Torci
sea otter in Sitka Alaska
Hi Paul,
Just was thinking of you guys and found your web
site.  So enjoyed the wildlife tour!  A couple cool
pics are attached if you wish to add them to your
web site.  Hope to see you again soon.

Roger and Lorie James
Carson, WA
The best whale photo ever from Sitka, AK!
The Wilkinson's
David Lindahl took this photo while out on a tour with his family on a
particularly nasty day. We were able to avoid the rough water for the most
part, but "stumbled" upon these Orcas while sneaking around a point on the
way to calmer water. You just never know what you're going to see!!
A Poul Jorgenson photo. Notice the blowhole
"nostrils" flaring as this big boy takes one last
breath before he dives.
Sleeping Humpback Whale. Photo by the Wilkenson's
Humpback Whale lunge feeding. This whale dove down beneath a school of small baitfish and then quickly surfaced with its massive
mouth and expandable throat wide open, gobbling as many of the small fish as possible. The baitfish have no safe way to go but up and one
can often see these small fish jumping out of the water just prior to the gigantic whale breaking the surface. If you look closely or zoom in
on the fantastic photo above taken by
Shari Amory, you'll see thousands of baitfish airborne next to the whale!
Shari Amory
Roger and Lorie James
Rachael Cuba
Ian Cowling
Photo taken from an Android cell phone
camera by the best Pharmacist in Monroe, LA!
Client photos taken on their Sitka Shore Excursion with Gallant Adventures
Sitka, Alaska is truly a world class destination. Having worked and travelled all over
Alaska as a field geologist, I'm hard pressed to find an area that rivals Sitka.
Surrounded by jagged snow capped peaks on one side, perfect strata-cone
volcanoes on the other and protected from the open ocean by a myriad of small
islands, the area around Sitka is absolutely pristine with  diverse and abundant
wildlife. On board with Gallant Adventures, our Sitka boat tour will get you in close
so you can experience all the wonder of Sitka first hand. We invite you to join us on
our marine wildlife tour, certainly to be your favorite shore excursion by far!
-Paul Davis
Owner/Operator Gallant Adventures