Please note that this is a sample itinerary and is, of course, somewhat flexible

Day 1
Start the trip off right with a chartered float plane out of Sitka right over the
mountainous Baranof Island to the native village of Kake.  This has to be
one of the most spectacular flights anyone could ever take.  Not a bad way
to start the trip!  Once in Kake, check out the sites of a remote Tlingit village,
including the World’s tallest totem pole and maybe have a chance to catch a
salmon or halibut.    

Day 2
Depart Kake in the Gallant Girl for Baranof Island.  Be on the look-out
because this is a prime whale viewing area and it’s common to see whales
breaching the surface and bubble net feeding.  Enter through a tight current
ripping pass and into a breathtaking fjord, perhaps the most scenic bay in all
of Alaska.  Choose between climbing two mountains of either moderate or
extreme difficulty or paddle in a very kayaker friendly bay with interesting
coves and creeks with spawning salmon and fishing brown bears.  The bays
of Eastern Baranof Island are also loaded with huge spot prawn and tiger
shrimp, so don’t forget about trying our luck setting and pulling shrimp

Day 3
Either spend another day climbing or hoist the anchor and travel northward
up Chatham Strait.  Pass salmon jumping up rumbling waterfalls on our way
to Red Bluff Bay.  This bay has perhaps the most impressive combination of
waterfalls, mountains, icefields and wildlife in SE Alaska.  The entrance to
this bay is unmistakable for the prominent, treeless red bluffs on the fjords
north side.  There is great shrimping, bear viewing, and paddling
opportunities in Red Bluff.  You decide which interests you this day!     

Day 4
Depart Red Bluff Bay and head for a unique warm springs.  Here you will
discover the most awesome hot springs you’ve ever seen!  The natural
springs are a ½ mile up a nice trail and feature beautiful rock pools located
directly on the edge of an enormous, thundering waterfall.  This place is truly
spectacular.  Adventure opportunities abound in this bay from fishing to
kayaking to hiking to mountain climbing.   

Day 5
Choose between kayaking, fishing for dolly varden and cutthroat trout after
hiking to an alpine lake, saltwater fishing for salmon and halibut, or hiking
one of the amazing mountains nearby.  And if you’re really up to it, try
climbing one of the peaks above Baranof Lake and marvel at the view of SE
Alaska’s ocean channels and fjords. Gallant Adventures has numerous
routes flagged up different mountains all over the area of  Baranof Island.  
Start and end each day at a warm springs bay by soaking in one of the
different pools ranging from darn right hot to luke warm.  Find which pool
suites your liking best.  Imagine ending a day full of adventures by relaxing
to candlelight while soaking the soreness out of muscles and relax as the
tensions from life back home drift away.       

Day 6
Choose between either another day of adventure at the warm springs or
take off for Keku Strait for fishing and site seeing.  

Day 7   
Wake to yet another gourmet breakfast and a good cup of coffee.  Hoist the
anchor and wander our way back to Kake, checking out sites along the way.  
Once in Kake, we say our goodbyes and prepare for the amazing flight over
Baranof Island back to the airport in Sitka.

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